If you have any questions regarding our Annual Pass update please email fun@crealy.co.uk along with your Annual Pass number and contact details.


"As one of our valued Annual Pass Holders, I would like you to be the first to know our plans for the immediate future of the business and the re-opening of the Theme Park. These past three months have been a difficult time for everybody but now there is some good news! I can confirm that we will be opening again for fun family days out from Monday 6th of July, albeit under very different circumstances. 

I’m sure you’re aware that things will look very different in the immediate future, so I think it’s only right to highlight that we won’t be able to offer you the usual ‘Crealy experience’ that you all know and love. Our priority, as always, remains the health and safety of both guests and our team members, which means there will be a restriction on daily visitor numbers.

With this in mind, for those paying direct debits, a decision has been made to continue to freeze all direct debit payments up until the 5th March 2021, (this will be exactly 12 months since your last payment was taken). This means that your next renewal date will remain the same only 12 months on. For example, if your annual pass was due to be renewed on the 15th July 2020, it will now run until 15th July 2021 and you’ll only start paying again on 5th March 2021. If your annual pass expired after March 5th 2020 it will be re-instated and will now be renewable on the same date in 2021 with any payments starting again on 5th March 2021. To keep your Crealy account live and to secure your ‘Price for life’ offer, we will be taking a payment of 1p (a penny) per month per annual pass starting 5th July 2020 and continuing until March 2021. This of course will be fully refundable at the point of renewal. 

For those who have paid in full, we will be extending your Annual Pass by 12 months from the day we closed which was the 20th March 2020. This means that your current renewal date will remain the same, only 12 months on. For example, if your Annual Pass was due to be renewed on the 15th July 2020, it will now run until 15th July 2021. Your 'price for life' offer will remain when renewing in 2021. 

This will mean your Annual Pass will be temporarily suspended as a form of entry to the park; however as an Annual Pass Holder you will be entitled to purchase tickets for just £5. 

For the first two weeks 50% of all tickets will be reserved exclusively for Annual Pass Holders and you will still be able to continue to use your Crealy Annual Pass to receive discounts off purchases made in the park. Tickets must be booked online and purchased in advanced. We will not be able to admit anyone without a pre-booked ticket or add additional tickets to bookings. To further help with the capacity issues we will not be accepting any complimentary or other discounted tickets. 

As well as restricting the number of visitors, there will also be a reduction in ride capacity as well as strict social distancing measures in place across the Resort. There will be some attractions, including those indoors that will remain closed until any future Government guidance is updated. Decisions regarding our annual firework display and other seasonal events are still to be decided.

We have produced a comprehensive guide outlining how we intend to operate and keep you safe as well what we expect from all guests when visiting the Park.


Please visit our Theme Park FAQ's page  and view our Annual Pass FAQ's below should you have any further questions or enquiries. 

I would like thank you for loyalty, patience and understanding during these difficult times and we look forward to welcoming you and your family back to the Crealy Theme Park & Resort again very soon. 

Josh Haywood

General Manager."



What discount will I receive if I buy Theme Park tickets online?

All Annual Pass holders will be entitled to £5 tickets for Theme Park entry. Tickets must be pre-booked online and in advance.

How do I buy a Theme Park ticket?

Theme Park tickets can only be purchased online and in advance. You will need your Annual Pass details to obtain your discount. Please note you will be required to present your Annual Pass along with your discounted ticket at the admission gate.

Please keep an eye on our social media channels for details on when you will be able to buy Theme Park tickets.

When can I visit the Theme Park?

We plan to open the Theme Park on Monday 6th July in line with the Government Guidelines. For the first two weeks of opening 50% of all tickets will be reserved exclusively for Annual Pass holders and you will still be able to continue to use your Crealy Annual Pass to receive discounts off purchases made in the Park.

My Annual Pass has expired during your Theme Park closure and I want to renew now so I can receive my discounted Theme Park tickets?

All Annual Passes have been extended from your 2020 expiry date to the same expiry date 12 months on in 2021.

(For example, if your pass was due to expire in April 2020, it will now expire in April 2021 and be valid to use from the 5th March 2021)

Why do I have to pay £0.01 a month on a direct debit Annual Pass?

A payment of £0.01 will be taken to ensure your direct debit remains active and to guarantee your ‘Price For Life’.

Will I keep my ‘Price For Life’ next year?

We will guarantee ‘Price For Life’ as long as you continue your direct debit of £0.01 a month, for those that have paid in full, we will guarantee your ‘Price For Life’ as long as you renew before your Annual Pass expires.

Will I still be able to keep my disabled Annual Pass next year?

We will guarantee the same Annual Passes prior to Covid-19.Please note no new disabled Annual Passes will be available to purchase.

How many tickets can I buy with one Annual Pass?

One session ticket can be purchased per one Annual Pass.

Can I purchase a ticket at the Theme Park Ticket Office?

All tickets must be pre-booked online in advance; you will not be able to buy tickets at the Theme Park at the admission gate.

Do I need to print my Theme Park ticket?

All tickets booked will now provide you with a barcode; this barcode can either be printed or scanned on a digital device and will be needed to be displayed upon entering the Theme Park.

My Mini Annual Pass now needs upgrading to a full Annual Pass?

All Mini Annual passes can be upgraded when they expire in 2021, we will honour Mini Annual Passes until your next expiry date in 2021.

Why can’t I renew my Annual Pass and use it as normal?

Due to Covid-19, Crealy will operate on a reduced capacity, therefore to make sure that we can guarantee guest entry.

We will not be accepting or taking payment for Annual Passes until 5th March 2021.

Will 7-4-1 be available on my ticket?

Crealy will not be offering 7-4-1 on Theme Park tickets for the immediate future.

Can I use my Annual Pass discount for friends and family still?

Annual Pass holders will not be able to get discount for their friends and family until Annual Passes resume in March 2021.

Can I use my discount on the Theme Park as normal?

Discounts on the Theme Park will still be valid, please note you will be required to present your Annual Pass to receive this at the point of purchase.

 I am a Platinum Pass Holder, can I still use my Pit Stop Pass? 

All Pit Stop Passes will remain valid and can be used by Platinum Pass Holders. 

Can I use my discount on Crealy Meadows breaks still?

Discounts for Crealy Meadows will still be available with your Annual Pass. Bookings must be made over the telephone and you will be required to provide us with your Annual Pass number.

Normal terms and conditions will apply.

Will I get notification when my direct debit payment is due to re-start?

Annual Pass payments will resume from March 5th2021, we will notify you of the change in your monthly payments prior to this date.

I haven’t used my Annual Pass yet, can I receive a refund?

Please contact our Guest Services Team to discuss your options, please note we currently are not operating our phone lines. Please email fun@crealy.co.uk along with your Annual Pass number and relevant contact details. 

Can I purchase or set up an Annual Pass?

At the moment, we are unable to set up any new Annual Passes. We will inform you as soon as we are able to set up new passes again. 

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