VIP Animal Experiences

At Crealy Adventure Park & Resort, we offer a range of fantastic VIP Animal Experiences where you are able to go behind the scenes of the Animal Barn, get up close to the animals, and meet their keepers. During these unique experiences that are perfect for animal lovers you will learn about our different animal residents in a fun and accessible way. 


Animal Keeper for the Day

Enjoy an unforgettable day at Crealy as you help our animal team become a keeper for the day during an experience that is great for animal lovers.





Own a Pony

Learn how to groom and pamper one of our resident miniature ponies here at Crealy.  You will be taught how to safely lead the pony around the field & participate in fun gymkhana games.

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Bug Experience

Discover how to care for, look after, and handle our bugs at Crealy. This experience is educational and fun, but be prepared to get your hands dirty!

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​Reptile Experience

Enjoy a hands-on reptile experience at Crealy as you learn how to care for these animals. Be prepared to get your hands dirty as you experience an educational and fun workshop.

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