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Tidal Wave Log Flume

Discover more about The Tidal Wave Log Flume at Crealy

You are sure to get wet when you take a ride on The Tidal Wave Log Flume at Crealy. You will be taken high above the tree line, but be warned, the tranquillity of being high above the park doesn’t last long as you hold on tight, tip over the edge, and drop 40 feet into the pool of water below!

Don’t forget to stop by the photo kiosk as we capture the moment just before you drop!

Height Restrictions

You must be at least 92cm to ride. Riders between 92cm-100cm must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Extra Information

Minimum height to ride 92cm (All riders 92 - 100cm must be accompanied by someone responsible over the age of 16). Children over seven years old and taller than 100cm can ride unaccompanied. Don’t worry about getting wet, as ponchos are available from the photo kiosk!

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