Jungle Journey

Explore the wonders of the Jungle 
Come and explore the Jungle Journey experience and say hello to our newest animal residents including a Red Iguana, a Monitor Lizard and some new Chinese Water Dragons and Crested Geckos! Crealy's Jungle Journey is also home to the world's longest species of snake - the Reticulated Python! 

On your way around, watch out for crocodiles, a variety of bugs and insects and if you’re feeling brave enough… our Salmon Pink Bird Eater Tarantula! 

If you’re looking for something a bit cuddlier, our Jungle Journey is also home to our intelligent and mischievous Marmoset Monkey’s.

Height Restrictions 
There is no age limit or height restriction in this area. 

Extra Information

We suggest that a responsible parent or guardian supervises all younger visitors to this attraction. 

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