Top 10 benefits of coming to Crealy

6th Mar 2019

1. The easiest way of socializing and bonding

You can come to Crealy with your family and friends and you can even make friends here! And not only other children and parents, but animals as well! From 10 to 17, spending all the time with the ones you love the most, sharing smiles and fun moments will make you bond and make such deep connections, for sure!

2. Exercise without noticing

Walking around the park all day and even running after your kids will make the best casual workout. You won’t even realize you’re losing calories! Having fun while exercising, isn’t that the dream?

3. You’ll relieve stress and improve your mood

It’s scientifically proved that adrenaline and having fun helps relieve stress and makes you happier, thus improving your overall mood. Make sure to come to Crealy and get on all of our rides for that boost of adrenaline and happiness!

4. You’ll improve your mental-health

It’s been proven that human-animal interaction has lots of benefits. It helps you calm and let go of stress. Coming to our farm can help you let go of all those worries you may have in your mind while you hug our lovely and fluffy animals! 

5. Never get tired. Never get bored

Don’t you agree that it’s easy to get tired after a few hours of watching TV? The good thing about Crealy is that it has the most rides in Devon. Which means you can spend all day going around the park, going on all the rides, eating at any of our restaurants and enjoying our animals. By the time you are done it will be closing time! 

6. You’ll have so much fun, and you’ll get smarter too

As parents, we all want our children to be healthy and smart, right? Science researched proves that having fun helps improve our memory and concentration. Going on our roller coaster, laughing and getting smarter at the same time, what else could you ask for?

7. You’ll boost your immune system

It may seem crazy, but it’s true that adrenaline can help your health. Those alert moments you get while riding on a ride helps boost your immune system by having better response against microbes. 

8. Crealy might help you slow aging

Adrenaline increases antioxidants inside our system that fight one of the responsible parts responsible of aging. Just when you thought Crealy was only a place to have fun we found out the best slow-aging treatment! 

9. You’ll be able to sleep more pleasantly 

After a whole day of walking, running, going on our rides and spending the greatest time, it’s true that you can get tired. The best kind of tiredness if you ask me! And that will just make you and your kids sleep so much better J

10. Make your best memories

It’s true that many families around Exeter and all Devon remember those days when they visited Crealy back when they were kids. Or parents that made the best memories with their children not that long ago. We believe that’s the best benefit of them all, being able to go back in time and remember that amazing day you had at Crealy! 

What are you waiting for? Book online, enjoy all of our benefits!

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