OVERVIEW: Confirmed troll sighting at Crealy Theme Park for the first time in 5 years

2nd Oct 2023

On Sunday 1st October, an incident was reported by a maintenance worker at Crealy Theme Park & Resort after the discovery of an 'unusual green substance' and a 'mystical stone statue' in the Crealy Wilderness.

The maintenance worker, Noah Scape, was carrying out routine maintenance work when he uncovered the unusual findings.

Noah's first thought was to check with the entertainment team that these weren't props for the upcoming Halloween event, Spook-Fest. The entertainment team confirmed that these do not belong to them.

Upon discovery of these findings, the General Manager of Crealy reached out to a local specialist authority to examine what was found.

After two days of extensive testing, it was confirmed earlier today by the General Manager of Crealy that the 'mystical stone statue' spotted on Sunday morning has been identified as a troll.

General Manager, Josh Haywood, said: "This isn't the first time we've encountered trolls in the Wilderness - it's a very enchanted place - it's full of mystical and magical creatures throughout the year."

Crealy had it's first encounter with trolls 5 years ago in the Crealy Wilderness, and it seems they have returned for the spooky season this year.

The specialist local authority has explained that it is likely this troll ventured out from the depths of the Wilderness and caught by sunlight, turning it to stone. They claim the dark and leafy Wilderness makes a perfect habitat for trolls and it is likely there is more residing in dense areas of Wilderness - particularly treehouses.

He added: "We would like to reassure the public that any creatures found here in the Wilderness are generally friendly and our Spook-Fest event will still take place this October. Word of warning - make sure you don't come down to the Wilderness on your own."

Want to come and see if you can spot the trolls yourself? Come and join in the fun at Spook-Fest!


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