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20th Aug 2019

Crealy isn't just for those in Devon or who live locally. Here's what our friends across the county border said about our summer Hydro High Dive Show!

By Martin Lea - Dorset Echo

Looking for something new to do with the kids this summer?

While Dorset has many superb attractions for families, there's a splashing new sight over the border in Devon which is worth seeing during the holidays.

You may have heard of Crealy Theme Park & Resort on the A3052 near Exeter.

While there is many things to do there (more than 60 rides and attractions plus indoor play areas) the highlight has to be the 'breath-taking Hydro High Dive show.

The new fireman-themed show features aerial stunts and Olympic-style dives from a team of professional divers who hail from Britain, America, Denmark and Ukraine.

Amazingly, they dive from great heights into what appears to be a tiny pool - it's actually less than three metres deep.

Its starts off as a graceful display of diving with choreographed routines and synchronised dives with an eccentric ringmaster in charge of proceedings. They all hell breaks loose - Benny Hill music an' all - as the team dress up and get up to all sorts of high jinx including the rescue of a stranded 'baby' and fighting fires. Yes, really.

It's an amazing sight and one I would recommend checking out.

The showpiece at the end - where one of them clambers up the 80ft tower and takes the plunge - is heart-stopping stuff.

The show is perfomed at 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3pm every Monday to Saturday up until Saturday, August 31.

There is no additional charge to see the show once you're in park.

Visit crealy.co.uk for prices and opening times.'

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