Fun for the whole family whatever the weather!

15th Jun 2021

Home to over 60 rides and attractions, there is fun for the whole family to enjoy here at Crealy Theme Park whatever the British weather may bring.

Whether you've got young thrillseekers or toddlers, we've got something for everyone to enjoy at Crealy - even the mum's and dad's! Explore our range of rides and attractions below (please note some rides and attractions have height restrictions and/or require adult supervision).

Crealy fun for young thrillseekers


Twister Rollercoaster

Standing at a towering 12m high and featuring 310 metres of twisting and undulating track, this ride isn’t for the faint hearted. Feel the full force of the Twister as you make your way down the track at a blistering 30mph, oh, and you will be seated in a spinning car. It is fair to say that this ride is a firm favourite at Crealy and will certainly have you riding again and again.



Maximus Rollercoaster

A day out at Crealy wouldn’t be complete without taking a ride through history on our Maximus Rollercoaster. Departing from the ancient Roman station, jump aboard Maximus and hold on tight!

Girl On Water Pulling Face

Tidal Wave Log Flume

You are sure to get wet when you take a ride on The Tidal Wave Log Flume at Crealy. You will be taken high above the tree line, but be warned, the tranquillity of being high above the park doesn’t last long as you hold on tight, tip over the edge, and drop 40 feet into the pool of water below!

Boys On Water Ride

Vortex Waterslides

Vortex consists of three slides standing at 16m high. The Viper with 72 metres of adrenalin pumping twists and turns, Vertigo, which features a near vertical drop, and Venom, which is a long, bumpy slide. Make sure you try out all three before deciding on your favourite!

A Group Of Families On A Swing Ride(1)

The Flying Dutchman

Come aboard all ye brave adventurers! Jump on the swinging ship and experience amazing aerial views of the Theme Park!


Flying Machine

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