Crealy discovers rare animal species residing in Dragon Fly Lake

1st Apr 2024

Breaking news just in:

The Animal Team at Crealy Theme Park & Resort have stumbled across a rare animal species residing in the Park's very own Dragon Fly Lake. 

Crealy's Head Animal Keeper says: 'We were heading down to feed the deer at the bottom of the Theme Park at about 8pm last night when we heard loud splashing from Dragon Fly Lake."

"This isn't unusual as we do have some big carp that live in Dragon Fly Lake, so we thought nothing of it and carried on heading down to the paddock."

The Animal Team explained that it wasn't until they saw something rise from the surface of the lake that they realised they were dealing with something much bigger than a carp! 

Head Animal Keeper carries on to describe what they witnessed - 'giant tentacles' and a 'low rumbling sound'. 

After closer examination, it has been confirmed that there is in fact a mythical Kraken residing in Dragon Fly Lake. 

After speaking to General Manager, it is believed that the spirit of the Pirate Takeover at the Theme Park this Easter Holidays has attracted the Kraken to Dragon Fly Lake. 

The General Manager said: "Pirates have just landed at the Theme Park this Easter Holidays for a swashbucklin' egg hunt across the Park. It's no coincidence that the Kraken has now showed up too!"

Head to the Theme Park this Easter Holidays and you may be able to catch a glimpse. 






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