BREAKING NEWS: Maintenance worker speaks out on findings

2nd Oct 2023

A maintenance worker at Crealy Theme Park & Resort speaks out on his findings in the Crealy Wilderness yesterday morning. He discovered what he describes as an 'unusual green substance' and a 'mystical stone statue'.

The maintenance worker, Noah Scape, said he was putting up lights ahead of the spooky season when he first noticed the unusual green slime. He spotted more and followed the trail and stumbled across a 'mystical stone statue' amongst the trees.

Noah's first thought was to check with the entertainment team that these weren't props for the upcoming Halloween event, Spook-Fest. The entertainment team confirmed that these do not belong to them.

He said: "Once I realised it appeared from nowhere, I contacted the General Manager who is now looking into it with a specialist from the local authority."

Crime Scene Log1

We are still awaiting an update from the General Manager. More details as and when we receive them.

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