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Prepare yourself for the Crealy Spookfest as we open brand new attractions for our biggest Halloween event to date!

A spell has been cast over the Theme Park and the Witches of the Wilderness have scared away the Treehouse Trolls and unearthed some new attractions for families to come and enjoy.

Our new attractions include the Halloween Glow Show, Jester's 3D Fun Maze and the Witches of the Wilderness.

We also have the infamous Creaky Hotel re-opening its haunted doors, plus FREE pumpkins for every child who visits the Theme Park.

As well as the Theme Park being open with the most rides in Devon for you and the family to take on, we also have the Singing Pumpkins, Pumpkin Carving and an all new show from Buddy and Blossom on the Piazza Stage!

Click the attractions below for more information:

Crealy Witches of the wilderness
Crealy Creaky Hotel
Crealy fun maze
Crealy Glow Show
Buddy Spook show
Free Pumpkins
Crealy Pumpkin Carving
Crealy Singing-Pumpkins
Crealy Fireworks

If that wasn't enough, you can use our 7 days of fun for the price of 1 offer to enjoy the amazing Spookfest for entire week!

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