School Trips

At Crealy Great Adventure Park, we believe learning shouldn’t be boring! So we’re happy to welcome schools from all over Devon and beyond for educational visits that are stimulating, inspiring and, above all, fun! If kids are enjoying themselves, they learn more. So at Crealy we offer some of the best education activities in Devon, covering science, conservation and life skills.

Specialist workshops for Key Stage 1 and 2

Young learners embarking on Key Stage 1 and 2 are eager to discover more about the world around them. So at Crealy we work with educators to create curriculum-based workshops, including bespoke programmes to meet special needs. Our blend of education and fun brings learning to life, feeding young minds and inspiring them to find out more.  Workshops are 45 minutes long and our Education Centre can cater for groups of up to 45 pupils at any one time.

Critters and creepy crawlies

We need your help! We’ve got new guests arriving at Crealy, and we need to find out what kind of habitat they like. So part of our schools activities programme is to recruit a team of Mini-Beast Detectives, who can help us investigate our new guests, and tell us what kind of home we should be creating for them. This fun educational workshop is just a sample of our Key Stage 1 best education activities, and a wonderful way to introduce young visitors to the wonders of science and the natural world.

Discover and investigate how forces such as gravity, friction and resistance affect our rides here at Crealy Adventure Park & Resort at our Fairground Mayhem workshop. Pupils will work in groups and will make observations on the rides around the park. They will also have the chance to interview ride operations and closely assess the rides in motion. Discover more about our education workshops.

A great Day out in Devon, whatever the weather!

We’ve got over 100 acres of gorgeous countryside for your school outing in Devon, but if the weather takes a turn for the worse then head indoors for more great all-weather entertainment. Our special school days out pack in plenty of fun, with exclusive early park entrance and the option of a buffet lunch. We’ve also got some great School Deals on offer, so it’s affordable for everyone.

If you’re looking for a great day out in Devon for a school group, call Crealy Great Adventure Park and talk to our friendly advisors. We’ll help you create a school trip in Devon that your students will love and remember for years to come!


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