Shannon's Food and Beverage Career Journey

Posted by on March 6th 2018

This week we caught up with another team member on their experiences of working at Crealy. Read about how Shannon has progressed with us during the three years that she has worked in our Food and Beverage department

Originally, I applied to work for retail and ended up changing my mind at the last minute and decided to go for Food and Beverage. I felt that working in this department would suit me better and give me career options that I would be more interested in.

What do you love most about your job?

The thing that I love the most about my job is that you meet loads of new people over time that you get to call your team and work closely with. I also love the responsibility as it makes you feel mature and like you are important. 

What do you like the most about working at Crealy?

The employee benefits get better every year. Since I started the hourly wage has increased and you get 25% off food and drink purchases and free entry into the park. Another great benefit is that you can get four free annual membership passes for your family.

There are lots of career opportunities with promotions, barista training and the chance to work in different units. You can expand knowledge that you have had previously and work your way up from a Team Member to a Team Leader, like I did!

Are you happy with the decision that you made?

I wouldn’t change my decision. Crealy offers support and advice in whatever you choose to do, and whichever path you want to go down.

I got the help and advice I needed when I wasn’t sure how to do certain things. Food and beverage is an amazing department, and I’m happy with the change of mind last minute. 

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