Crealy for Toddlers - What to do at Crealy with young children

Posted by on August 8th 2018

Crealy for Toddlers - What to do at Crealy with young children

Crealy Theme Park & Resort offers a fantastic range of attractions and activities for young children and toddlers, making it one of the best family days out in Devon.

If you're looking for things to do for toddlers at Crealy, check out what we offer for your day out with the family in Devon.


Crealy is the home of animals of all varieties including Meerkats, Crocodiles, Snakes, Barn Animals, Turtles, Insects and so much more.

There are feeding and petting sessions at the park where toddlers can feed our furry and learn about where our animals have come from and their day to day activities.

The animals at the park are always on of the best things to do for toddlers at Crealy Theme Park & Resort.

Buddy Bear's Kingdom

Buddy Bear's Kingdom is a fantastic place for your toddlers at Crealy, with soft play areas specifically for children aged under five. 

It's the perfect place to let your toddlers enjoy a bit of freedom and interact with other children and if they're really lucky, they'll get to see Buddy and Blossom!

Adventure Zone

Our Adventure Zone boasts 75,000 square feet of indoor play, which is perfect for when the weather isn't quite perfect.

The Adventure Zone allows both adults and children get on the many slides together, which is perfect for toddlers and parents who fancy a bit of adventure together! 

Plus when you need a break, the Adventure Zone hosts a huge food court for when you need some food and a refreshing drink and with an outdoor dining area complete with Sandcastle Family Beach Bar, the Adventure Zone is a fantastic place for toddlers at Crealy.

Atlantis & The Blue Lagoon

Welcome to the lost world of Atlantis where your toddlers can dive into an all extensive play area, which is perfect for our younger guests.

Ride on the Shark Bay rollercoaster and feel the force of the Dolphin Drop, two rides that children 92cm and up can ride, making it ideal for young families. 

Open throughout the whole year, Atlantis is a fantastic play area for toddlers whatever the weather.

The Lost World of Atlantis features four rides, an indoor play area and a Lavazza coffee shop. Open throughout the year, this area is perfect to enjoy whatever the weather.

Children's Events

Here at Crealy we have a fantastic calendar of events all year round, including special events in Summer, out Spooktacular Halloween and our Christmas Spectacular!

We currently the home of City Cirque: The Urban Stunt Show during the whole summer holidays, a stunt show from the streets of New York. 

We also have a daily magic show, the Pip Ahoy trail and Buddy's safari show.

Click here to find out more about our events

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