Family Holidays in Devon with Crealy


Make your family holiday in Devon extra special with one of our added extras at Crealy Meadows.

At Crealy, we go the extra mile to make you smile. Our five-star accommodation has everything you need for a great holiday, whether you’re here for a weekend, a week, or longer.

Something for the kids

We know how much families love coming to see us at Crealy Meadows, and with the South West’s favourite theme park right next door, Crealy Meadows is the perfect destination for a family holiday in Devon. But how about something a little bit special as a wonderful surprise for the kids? Our accommodation extras include a fantastic bed and breakfast option or for your little prince or princess who loves ponies, why not treat them to our Own A Pony experience?

Bed & breakfast at The Clubhouse – a great way to start the day

Hosted in The Clubhouse, our bed and breakfast option is perfect for those who want to set themselves up for the day in the best way possible. Indulge in a delicious plated breakfast in a relaxing environment each morning of your stay before you head out for your next adventure. 

Own a Pony – make a dream come true at Crealy

Own a pony at Crealy Great Adventure Park and Resort, Devon.

After breakfast, why not head off to the stables and take care of your very own pony? They’ll be happy to see you and really appreciate a good brush and feed. Our miniature donkey  and our Shetland ponies are always happy to meet new people, and are gentle and friendly. Help the keepers brush their manes and tails, and make sure they’ve got plenty to eat before taking them back out to their paddock to play in the sun!