Mini Beast Detectives

Your help is needed at Crealy during an educational day out at Crealy! A new mini-beast is arriving at the Park and staff at the Animal Kingdom need help to design its habitat.Your class will spend the workshop examining, handling and studying native and exotic mini beasts. Each pupil will explore a range of mini-beasts and investigate how they adapt to their surroundings. Using their knowledge, the children will advise the Animal Kingdom staff on the type of habitat the new mini-beast will need. 

What happens? 

Your education team will welcome you to Bugz Unlimited and the resident experts will set out the day’s challenge.

The whole class will experience the Bug Show, where our Animal Expert will talk to the children about the insects and their habitat to help the children with their challenge, they will have the opportunity to handle bugs including cockroaches and millipedes.

The second half of the workshop will be outside looking at mini-beasts in the wild at Crealy’s mini-beast hotel. Here they will see insects native to Britain. Pupils will be provided with bug jars and equipment so they can examine the insects closely, this will enable them to make judgments about the sort of habitat they are adapted for.

At the end of the workshop there will be an opportunity for the pupils to feedback to their guide on what the most important factors are for the new mini-beast habitat

Workshop length: 90 minutes – Guided by Crealy

Year group: Key Stage 1

Curriculum links: Science – plants, animals, living things and their habitats

Maximum number of children: 30

Cost: £9.95 per child

Included within the cost:

  • A suggested itinerary and maps for your day
  • All resources and materials
  • A free pre-visit for the teacher

Health & Safety is our primary concern. Hands must be washed following any of our hands on sessions. We would also like to remind all pupils and staff to treat the flora and fauna with care and respect

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