Fairground Design

An inspiring challenge has been set for your class to create a brand new ride for Crealy Adventure Park & Resort. Kick-start an exciting Design & Technology project for your class with this educational and exciting venture.

Children will explore the rides at Crealy making observations on the rides in the park, interviewing ride operators and assessing the popularity of different rides. During the workshop children will begin to understand the mechanisms needed to power the rides and also the design and themes that make them appealing to visitors.

What happens?

During your school visit you will be provided with clipboards, worksheets and suggested itinerary in readiness for your Fairground mayhem workshop.

The workshop will start with an engaging talk from the rides and attraction experts at Crealy. They will provide the class with details about the rides at Crealy and the types of guests they attract. The class will also be given an overview of how to behave towards the other visitors in the park while they explore the different rides.

In pairs, the children will set off to explore the rides around the park or in small groups with a teacher, whichever you prefer. They will be encouraged to think about several questions as they look at the rides which will help towards their Design and Technology work 

Who powers the ride?

What materials are used and why?

What are the design features that make the ride appealing to its audience?

The educational team with the help of the teacher will encourage the children to use vocabulary such as; rotation, oscillation, design features, motor, conveyer belts, pulley wheels, friction and gravity. The group will come back together at the end to share their finding and thoughts on the type of new ride they are thinking of designing.

Workshop length: 45 minutes teacher-led/guided                           

Year group: KS2

Curriculum Links: Design and Technology

Maximum number of children (per session): 40

Cost: £9.95 per child

Included within the cost:

  • Meet and greet by the Education Team
  • A space allocated for costs and bags and a reserved lunch area
  • All resources, materials and clipboards for the activity
  • Free pre and follow up activities
  • A free pre-visit for the teacher

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Opening Times


10:00am - 5:00pm - Water rides closed

Sun 21 Jan

10:00am - 5:00pm - Water rides closed

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