Live family shows will take place across the park throughout summer. Please check your park guide for the latest show times when you visit! 


Shake, Giggle & Wiggle  - Piazza Stage                                                                                            

Let the Crealy Show Crew help you start your day the really Crealy perfect way with a loud wake up & shake up. Fast paced family interactive show, featuring music, mayhem, dance and madness.

Pirates of Old Crealy Town - Pirate Stage                                                                                

Captain Crealy, Mid-shipman Grumfuttock & Master-Gunner Tanglefoot get ready to explore the seven seas with the help of the gang at Crealy. Join us as we scrub the decks, climb the rigging and prepare to sail the oceans of the world. 

Crealy Circus - Piazza Stage

Roll up, roll up! Step right this way and join us for a extravaganza of magic and mysterious mayhem.   

Escaped Dinosaur - Piazza Stage

One of our Crealy dinosaurs has escaped! Will the Crealy Show Crew find our dinosaur...before he finds you! Are you brave enough to face Charlie the dinosaur?

Crealy Amazing - Piazza Stage                                                                                                        

Your chance to be the star of the show. Are you the fastest? The tallest? The quickest? The very best here today at Crealy? Are you the next record breaker? 





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